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Business Card Trend to Follow This Year

Business Card With Colored Edges

Colorful Business Card

Business Cards may be simple pieces of paper with words printed on them, but one can’t deny that they play a useful role in networking. Almost every professional or business has them nowadays, and we have to admit that receiving many of them during an event can be a drag. But if we think so about others giving out cards, it’s safe to assume that other people think the same about us giving them out too! Here are some new trends to consider to up your business card game this year.

Minimalist Design

Keeping your business cards simple not only make them easy to the eye, they also help highlight the most important parts of the content. It’s important to note that the relevant details should be remembered, especially the company name, logo, and contact details. Cleverly adding your brand elements, themes, and color schemes to your minimalist design ensures a clear, simple but sophisticated business card.

Painted Edges

More and more firms are placing borders or painted edges on their cards this year. It may be a simple addition to the design, but a clever use of colors results in a more vibrant design that helps the content pop out.

Large Typeface

Usually, large fonts are frowned upon because they can tend to be garish, take up too much space, or distracting. This year, proper application of larger typeface gives cards a bold and impactful effect that leave an impression while emphasising the most important points.

Interactive Cards

A puzzle, a transforming feature or a brain teaser on your card helps you connect with people better due to the added interaction. The novelty also ensures that they keep the card in hand, even if it’s just for collection purposes. (It could even come in handy later!) Meanwhile, practical designs like a calendar or bookmark design at the back adds value to your business cards.

There are more creative ideas to explore with business cards. Whether it’s an effective design, an interesting finish or even incorporating die-cutting to add texture to your card, these concepts will help give you an edge over the ordinary, everyday cards that come and go over time.